Vertical Pianos

Vertical pianos – because of their height and the vertical position of the strings range in height between 90 – 150 centimetres.

The Upright or Vertical piano is the most common piano due to its affordability, compactness and warm sound. The soundboard is vertical, strings and dampers stretching downward, hammers and dampers horizontal to the board. Since the hammers strike outward or horizontally, they take slightly longer to return to resting position than the hammers of a grand (which strike vertically). The support base of the soundboard, as well as wooden reinforcements, is visible from the backside.

Vertical Pianos will generally be cheaper and more affordable than grand pianos, depending on the model, there are of course exceptions brand to brand. Although they are often seen as inferior to grand pianos,  a large high quality unit can certainly rival a typical grand in terms of tone quality and loudness.

Essentially the keyboard is similar to the grand piano, and varies in material construction.

Types of Vertical Piano

  • Spinet
  • Consolette
  • Console
  • Studio
  • Full Size / Professional