Grand Piano

Grand Pianos are the largest piano type, and frequently the most majestic and expensive. They are said to produce finer tones and have the most responsive key action.

They have a horizontal soundboard sometimes stretching up to 1.2 metres. (front to back).

The Soundboard is encased in a supportable opening platform that lifts on the left in an upwards direction. Dampers lie on top of the strings, adjacent to the hammers (also horizontal). The internal construction is braced with form-holders, usually made of wood, as well as the small equipped metal reinforcements. Essentially the casing is “bottomless” allowing one to see the soundboard support base, also of reinforced wood, which technically acts as the base.

Keys consist of wood coated in ivory, or sometimes pure ivory, depending on the piano’s manufacturers and classification. The grand piano has the standard 88 keys.

Most have sheet music platforms. A retractable cover slides over or folds down on the keys.

Types of Grand Piano include:

  • Petite Grand
  • Baby Grand
  • Living Room/Parlor/Medium Grand
  • Ballroom/Semi-Concert Grand
  • Concert Grand