Electric Pianos

Electric pianos are generally the most affordable pianos.Although they do not have the qualities of an acoustic piano, the sound from electric pianos continues to improve and they can offer particularly the beginner a cheaper option to get started.

They can vary widely in quality; with some starting at only a few hundred dollars. Some models will have hollow keys, while others try to replicate the feel and weight of an acoustic keyboard.

Electric pianos can have a variety of sounds and settings such as organ, guitar, string, choir, and percussion. The numerous sounds on some electric keyboards make it virtually a portable band.

Cheaper electric pianos have limited functions, but this is better for someone who is trying to replicate an acoustic and save money.

Most have connectors for pedals and they can also have computer interactive abilities.

They never need to be tuned and they also have the advantage of allowing the user to practice silently with headphones at times when doing so would otherwise disturb people.